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Treks and Climbs around South America
Please find below a small selection of the climbs and treks we have on offer around South America. From the world famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to Huayhuash, which is widely regarded as the best trek in the world. Trekking the deepest valley in the world in Cotahuasi to lesser known treks in search of the origin of the Amazon. For climbing enthusiasts, we offer easy 3 day climbs like Misti near Arequipa to the technical scaling of Alpamayo, the most beautiful mountain in the world.

These treks and climbs are only available as part of our tours, they are not sold separately. We recommend at least 2 days for climatizing before the trek or climb. If you are interested in these or in any other climb or trek in South America, please contact us for further information.
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu   (4 days / 3 nights)
Cusco, Llactapata, Warmiwañusca, Machupicchu
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

After an early morning breakfast, you will be transferred to Chilca by bus, where we will meet the Quechua porters and have breakfast. Crossing over the turbulent Vilcanota River, with magnificent views of Nevado Veronica (5,900m/19,000ft) we will continue the expedition.

2024 Escorted Christmas Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tour   (14 days / 13 nights)
2024 Escorted Christmas Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tour

Enjoy a unique experience of trekking the Inca trail and arriving to Machu Picchu on Christmas Eve. The tour then continues south to Lake Titicaca and to the highest navigable lake in the world. Choose from 3 star to 5 star deluxe hotels.

The Ultimate Inca Trek Tour Of Peru   (15 days / 14 nights)
The Ultimate Inca Trek Tour Of Peru

An arduous and authentic trekking tour of a lifetime visiting the incredible Inca sites of Machu Picchu and Choquequirao. Avoid the crowds and choose a largely unknown route taking in stunning mountain paths and original Inca Trails. Visit wonderful Inca citadels and experience breathtaking Andean scenery as you embark on the ultimate Inca trek tour of Peru. For physically fit and experienced trekkers only as this trek is considered a very demanding and strenuous hike.

Choquequirao Trek   (5 days / 4 nights)
Cusco, Cachora, Playa Rosalinda, Choquequirao
Choquequirao Trek

Early departure from Cuzco to Cachora town for breakfast. A meeting with all the porters and muleteers to arrange all the equipment on the mules and horses and then you start the trek with a 2 hour hike to Capuliyoc (2915m).

Lares Trek   (5 days / 4 nights)
Cuzco, Lares, Ollantaytambo
Lares Trek

Pick up from your hotel in the morning for the journey through the Sacred Valley to Sayhuapata (2800m.) Your hike begins here in a fertile valley and follows a small river up through the mountain corridor. After walking over 4 hours, you will begin to see the thatched-roof stone

Santa Cruz Trek   (4 days / 3 nights)
Huaraz, Taullipampa, Llanganuco
Santa Cruz Trek

Leaving early morning, we drive along the Santa River passing several villages until we reach the present day Yungay. The road winds slowly up into the gully between the Huascarán massif and the Huandoy three-pronged peak, driving until

Alpamayo (Los Cedros) Trek   (7 days / 6 nights)
Huaraz, Osoruri, Pomabamba
Alpamayo (Los Cedros)  Trek

Early transfer from Huaraz to Cashapampa where you will start the 50Km tough trek around Alpamayo. The first day's hike will take you past Conay and the Huancarhuas. Reach the first camp at Hualcayan at 3140m.

Huayhuash Trek   (9 days / 8 nights)
Huraz, Huayhuas, Huatia, Jahuacocha
Huayhuash Trek

After an early morning breakfast, private transfer to the small isolated town of Chiquian and from there onto Llamac. From here the first section of the Huayhuash trek begins climbing up to Pocpa and to your first campsite at Matacancha. Matacancha

Kuelap Inca Trek   (7 days / 6 nights)
Chachapoyas,Gran Vilaya, Kuelap
Kuelap Inca Trek

Transfer from your hotel for lunch with a visit to Sonche Canon and spectacular views of waterfalls. A trip onto Huancas, an Inca Mitima village, famous for their ceramic pottery. A visit to a deep Cave in the afternoon, and transfer to a local hostel

Colca Canyon Trek   (4 days / 3 nights)
Arequipa, Chivay, Chucco, Sangalle
Colca Canyon Trek

After breakfast, you start the trip through some wonderful scenery towards the Colca canyon, where you shall see groups of wild alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos. A visit will be made to the Salinas and Aguada Blanca Reserve. Eventually, you will

Cotahuasi Trek - In the deepest canyon in the world - 3535m   (4 days / 3 nights)
Arequipa, Chuquibamba, Cotahuasi
Cotahuasi Trek - In the deepest canyon in the world - 3535m

After breakfast, you start the trip through some wonderful scenery towards the Valle de Majes. Later, visit the town of Chuquibamba and then continue to go up the pass of Mount Coropuna and Solimana. After reaching the top, you will then

Trek to Andagua Valley of the Volcanoes   (4 days / 3 nights)
Arequipa, Andagua, Vorire
Trek to Andagua Valley of the Volcanoes

After breakfast, start the long jouney towards the Valle de Andagua at 3600m. The journey will take about 10 hours. Accommodation at a basic hotel

Amazon Origin Trek   (4 days / 3 nights)
Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Amazon River
Amazon Origin Trek

After breakfast, you will start the trek heading across the continental devide at an altitude of 5010m. Camp at the Carhuasanta river some 4730m, one of the furthest tributaries of the Amazon river, at the foot of Mount Mismi, from where the waters originate

Llama Trek Olleros to Chavin   (3 days / 2 nights)
Huaraz, Sacracancha, Chavin
Llama Trek Olleros to Chavin

After breakfast, drive to Olleros where you will arrange all the gear on the Llamas and begin the trek. The hike today is fairly steady and you will arrive at the camp at Sacracancha, at 4050m

Ausangate Trek   (7 days / 6 nights)
Cusco, Tinqui, Pachaspata
Ausangate Trek

A fabulous seven day circuit through the Vilcanota mountain range where you will see Ausangate (6385m) and three other peaks all above 6000m. Again, more akin to our Cordillera Blanca treks, this route offers spectacular mountain scenery, snow-capped peaks,

Climbing Ishinka Climb 5600m   (3 days / 2 nights)
Huaraz, Ishinka, Base Camp
Climbing Ishinka Climb 5600m

After breakfast, transport to Paltay to start the trek to Collon at 3300m. Continuing up the beautiful Ishinka valley that sits directly under Tocllaraju, Urus, Ishinka, and Ranrapalca. Arrive at the base camp of Ishinka at 4300m. Camp for the night

Climbing Cotopaxi 5897m   (2 days / 1 nights)
Ecuador-Cotopaxi National Park, Quito
Climbing Cotopaxi 5897m

After breakfast, transfer to the Cotopaxi National Park. Visit to the natural history museum before lunch. Once at the refuge (4600m), arrange all the equipment before training on the glacier including crampon techinques, rope work and ice axe

Aconcagua climb - Normal Route 6962m   (19 days / 18 nights)
Mendoza, Puente del Inca, Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas
Aconcagua climb - Normal Route 6962m

Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Mendoza. In the evening there will be an instructive talk about the Aconcagua Mountain followed by some pictures of the mountain. (Food is not included)

Climbing Pisco 5758m   (5 days / 4 nights)
Huaraz, Moraine Camp, Cebollapampa
Climbing Pisco 5758m

Leaving Huaraz you will head north to the small town of Yungay at the foot of the Quebrada Llanganuco. Entering the Quebrada you will continue heading east into the mountains to the wide and pastoral valley between Huascarán on the south and

Climbing Misti 5825m   (3 days / 2 nights)
Arequipa, Aguada Blanca, Monte Blanco
Climbing Misti 5825m

After breakfast, travel by 4X4 truck towards the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve. Camping at Aguada Blanca at 4050m.

Climbing Huascaran 6768m   (7 days / 6 nights)
Huaraz, Moraine Camp, Huascaran
Climbing Huascaran 6768m

After breakfast, leave for Huaraz, heading north to the town of Musho, approximately two hours from Huaraz. From Musho you start the hike for about five hours until Huascaran base camp at an elevation of 4400m. Camp.

Climbing Alpamayo 5947m   (8 days / 7 nights)
Huaraz, Col Camp, Alpamayo
Climbing Alpamayo 5947m

Climb to the Col camp at 5300m. (This section can sometimes be the most technical part of the entire climb). The high col is between Alpamayo and it's sister peak, Quitaraju. The guides will fix ropes in advance of the group on one steep section.

Cordillera Blanca Climbs   (18 days / 17 nights)
Ishinka - Pisco - Huascaran
Cordillera Blanca Climbs

After breakfast, transport to Paltay to start the trek to Collon at 3300m. Continuing up the beautiful Ishinka valley that sits directly under Tocllaraju, Urus, Ishinka, and Ranrapalca. Arrive at the base camp of Ishinka at 4300m. Camp for the night.

Ishinka & Alpamayo summit   (12 days / 11 nights)
Ishinka & Alpamayo summit

A beautifully crafted soft adventure tour of Amazing Peru whilst staying at the very best hotels. With authentic tours such as kayaking on Lake Titicaca to the camp free 2 day Royal Inca Trail, an immersion into Peru's culture with fun adventures allow for a unique trip of a lifetime.

Wellness & Health Travel and Tours

Wellness & Health Travel and Tours

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