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If you would like to hear first-hand experience about our services from past customers, please let us know and we shall provide contact details for you to contact them directly.
Dear Jim,

Happy New Year to you and your staff! I have been meaning to email you regarding our South American adventure.

I would like to say, it was truly a great trip which we all will remember for years to follow. It was everyone's FIRST SA trip and it proved to be quite memorable.

1. Hotels: EXCELLENT. All were grand. First class with staff, comforts, location and especially the Breakfasts that were included! Wow!

2. Guides and Transportation: EXCELLENT. We particularly enjoyed Jaime (Cusco & Machu Picchu guide). He spoke very good English and was VERY knowledgable of the sites we visited plus he had many other tidbits of information to share with us. He was very gregarious, cared about our needs and desires & never seemed uninterested or bothered by our questions.. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a guide! Jorge (Quito guide) was also very good. He too spoke very good English; accommodated us on things such as finding a NFL game for my husband & son to watch (not easy in Ecuador!), stayed with us at airport until we cleared security, and showed us sights in Quito as well as the Equator (my kids' favorite!). I would also strongly recommend him for friends. Dario (Galapagos guide) was very good too. As he spoke English, it was a bit hard to understand at times. He definitely kept us "on task" in terms of schedule which was a blessing and curse. There were times I felt we were "hurried" in our sightseeing.

The Transportation was very good. Spacious vans and drivers were all very good.

3. Hiriam Bingham Train: EXCELLENT! What a fabulous way to see the countryside of Peru, the incredible Andes Mountains and more especially the luxuriousness of the HB Train. Food was grand, wonderful service and staff, great entertainment and a fun way to travel! Machu Picchu was INCREDIBLE. A MUST SEE for everyone. Truly the hi light for all of us in Peru! Again, Jaime's knowledge of MP was outstanding which made it even better. Took great photos, etc. Got lucky with the weather too. No rain!

4. Meals : Again, Breakfasts were WONDERFUL. Most restaurants we ate in were very good. Our only real complaint was that too many lunches/dinners were in Hotels and not in the local restaurants. I know that in the USA, people usually do not eat in hotel restaurants when staying as guests, rather ,they go and "sample" what the city has to offer in terms of restaurants. However, we thought the Map Café in Cusco was OUTSTANDING! Also enjoyed Cala Restaurant in Lima (Great food and the view overlooking the Ocean was beautiful!)

5. Galapagos: This was what we all were really looking forward to. The animals, landscape, boat tour, snorkeling, etc. Dario, our guide met us at airport and our group (15 in total including ourselves) immediately formed a "bond". All services provided exceeded our expectations!

Thank you for your help, and we wish you all the best.

Joan & George Brown

Florida, USA.

15th February 2013

Dear Amazing Peru
I apologize for not writing sooner to thank you and your staff in relation to our truly amazing and delightful vacation in Peru that you kindly organized.

Since returning to the US, I have been swamped with work - but now have time to collect my thoughts and write.

First, let me indicate that our visit was far more than a simple holiday, but proved to be a once in a life time adventure and magnificent learning experience of both a different part of the world as well as culture. My family and I had a truly wonderful time on many levels.

To cover the basic points:

(i) Your itinerary was simply excellent - providing us the opportunity to maximally gain from our visit to Peru - visiting Lima, Cusco, Machu Pichu, the sacred valley, Puno and lake Titicaca - all very different, but with sufficient time to see and enjoy each. In hind sight, I could not have planned a better route or itinerary.
(ii) The hotels that you planned for us were first-rate - and some were beyond our expectations.
(iii) The routes of travel - whether by plane, car or train - were superb. Indeed, one of our high points was the ten hour train journey on the Andean Explorer from Cusco to Puno. None of us were excited by this potential long train journey - but it proved to be a magnificent journey on one of the most opulent trains that I have come across.
(iv) The guides that you kindly provided at each destination were absolutely amazing (Maximo in Lima, Nati for Machu Pichu, Bobby for the sacred valley and Carlos for lake Titicaca) - knowledgable and simply delightful. In particular, I cannot say enough in the praise of Bobby - who went far above and beyond simply being a guide.

When we perceived potential hiccups - we always had a telephone number with a friendly voice at the end to work everything out - and, indeed, everything worked out to allow us to have a simply amazing time.

I cannot thank you and your excellent staff sufficiently in providing us both a wonderful experience that we will always treasure as well as a window into a different culture and country that we can learn much from.

With very best wishes,


Maryland, USA

11TH January 2013

Our trip to Peru is something to write home about. We were wise to add a few days before and after the tour. The trip was a success because of our various guides and our self guided adventures. The tour of Lima took us to places we had visited on our own. Nevertheless, we received necessary details. Our guia was female and I'm sorry to have forgotten her name.

Raul Castelo was outstanding. He has so much invested in the history of his people that he speaks with an earnestness that goes beyond delivering the facts. He also has a sense of humor.

A highlight of his tour was a visit to a weaving collective where the director of the collective offered a demonstration of the weaving process, from spinning, to dyeing, It turns out that Raul had helped the head of the collective get his business started. Raul had explained that helping each other is an aspect of his culture, a point that was made in a collection course I took at the Museum of Fine Arts called Art of the Americas.

Thanks for assigning us our own guide in Macchu Piccu. Natividad was extremely patient. I had shortness or breath despite the pills. I hope she wasn't bored traipsing around with us.

Three restaurants we loved: IndiaFeliz in Cusco and Mezzaluna and Cafe de la Paz in Lima. Except for no dairy, no ice, no ceviche, and no street food, we pretty much ate everything. There is also a really great grape colored juice called chicha.

I know it's your job to coordinate date, place and time, but I am amazed that every aspect of the trip fell in place perfectly.

Thank you for a terrific experience.

Judy and Jim

Massachusetts, USA.

20th November 2012

Dear Amazing Peru,
I just wanted to let you know that my sister Clare and I truly found Peru as amazing as you promised. The variety in terms of Inca remains, Baroque churches, and stunning scenery in the mountains and Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca's islands was exciting. Our guides and drivers were exceptionally courteous and helpful. All of the hotels more than lived up to our expectations, and food everywhere was delicious and beautifully served. Thanks for all of your work in setting up our itinerary and connections.


6 April 2012

Inca Trail To Machu Picchu
Dear Amazing Peru,
I just wanted to let you know that my sister Clare and I truly found Peru as amazing as you promised. Our guides and drivers were exceptionally courteous and helpful. All of the hotels more than lived up to our expectations. Thanks for all of your work in setting up our itinerary and connections.


6 April 2012

Amazing Peru Tours
Thank you very much for following up. The trip was amazing, we wished to have more time as we got a little taste of everything.
All trips were great. We were very pleased with everything and are very much appreciate all your assistance to make this vacation an unforgettable experience.
Best regards,

Aneta S.
New York, USA
28th June 2011
Classic Peru & Galapagos Islands Tour
We are back from a wonderful trip in Peru. I wanted to thank you for coordinating such a pleasant vacation for me and my family. We really enjoyed ourselves and the hospitality of the Peruvian people. The accomodations were great, the transportation was very reliable and the tours were excellent.
We really had a great time. We hope to make our way back to Peru once again.
Aaron and family
California, USA
31st May 2011
Machu Picchu Tour
Affordable Machu Picchu
Dear Stephen,
I sent my clients an email and they replied that the trip was amazing.
We look forward to sending you more travellers with your amazing company. We are more than happy working with you and your excellent support. Kind regards.
Isabelle F.
Québec, Canada
28th Jan 2011
Private custom-made Peru Tour
4x4 adventure tour in Cusco-Sacred Valley
And private boat charter Titicaca Tour Adventure
Dear Amazing Peru,
We wanted to thank you for a great & well timed trip. We loved the private guides we had in Cusco, Machu Picchu, & in Lima. They were excellent & really enhanced the experience. When we had group excursion, the tour guides made sure that we understood what was going to happen & where our transportation was going to be. We were always picked up when we were told we would be & on time. I was so happy to to hear from Kathleen. It was very reassuring that we had an exclusive Customer Support Service in Peru if there were problems. We didn't have have problems.
We liked all the hotels & a few were extra special. Sumaq in Machu Picchu was probably the all round favorite because of the food & service went above & beyond expectations. Dinner was outstanding.
Thunderbird in Lima - had the best bed & breakfast
Picoaga in Cusco - had a beautiful building & great location
Jose Antonio in Puno - was very accommodating when we needed a late check out & great view
Casa Andina in Arequipa - beautiful room, building, great location
Refugio in Cola Canyon - location was stunning & great staff
All the hotel staffs were very helpful. We always felt comfortable & made welcome.
We would definitely recommend this tour & your company to other people. We were very satisfied with the service & the product. Peru is a really fascinating country with lots to see. The Peruvian government really should be commended for taking control of their historic sites.
Barbara G.
November 30th , 2010.
Peru Escorted Escapes 3
Dear Amazing Peru

The trip was fantastic. So was the boat and the guide. I have already recommended it to many people!

Thanks again. Take care.

Toronto, Canada
November 6th , 2010.
Galapagos Cruise Adventure
Quito & Galapagos Cruise
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I've been planning on letting you know what a great time we had! Peru was even better than I thought it would be.… Read More

2nd November 2017
We wanted to see and thank you for this wonderful trip you organised for us- never in my wildest dreams did I think I could make it to Machu Pichu!! Read More

Bing and Maureen So
12th June 2017
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