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Iquitos - Amazon Factsheet

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Scale-breasted Woodpecker, Celeus grammicus
Cream-colored Woodpecker, Celeus flavus
Ringed Woodpecker, Celeus torquatus
Lineated Woodpecker, Dryocopus lineatus
Yellow-tufted Woodpecker, Melanerpes cruentatus
Little Woodpecker, Veniliornis passerinus
Red-stained Woodpecker, Veniliornis affinis
Red-necked Woodpecker, Campephilus rubricollis
Crimson-crested Woodpecker, Campephilus melanoleucos

Woodcreepers: Dendrocolaptidae 18 species

Plain-brown Woodcreeper, Dendrocincla fuliginosa
White-chinned Woodcreeper, Dendrocincla merula
Long-tailed Woodcreeper, Deconychura longicauda
Spot-throated Woodcreeper, Deconychura stictolaema
Olivaceous Woodcreeper, Sittasomus griseicapillus
Wedge-billed Woodcreeper, Glyphorynchus spirurus
Long-billed Woodcreeper, Nasica longirostris
Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper, Dendrexetastes rufigula
Strong-billed Woodcreeper, Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus
Barred Woodcreeper, Dendrocolpates certhia
Black-banded Woodcreeper, Dendrocolpates picumnus
Straight-billed Woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus picus
Striped Woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus obsoletus
Ocellated Woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus ocellatus
Elegant Woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus elegans
Buff-throated Woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus guttatus
Lineated Woodcreeper, Lepidocolaptes albolineatus
Curve-billed Scythebill, Campylorhamphus procurvoides

Horneros, Spinetails etc.: Furnariidae 23 species

Pale-legged Hornero , Furnarius leucopus
Pale-billed Hornero, Furnarius torridus
Lesser Hornero , Furnarius minor
Dark-breasted Spinetail, Synallaxis albigularis
Plain-crowned Spinetail, Synallaxis gujanensis
White-bellied Spinetail, Synallaxis propinqua
Ruddy Spinetail, Synallaxis rutilans
Red-and-white Spinetail, Certhiaxis mustelina
Red-backed Spinetail, Cranioleuca vulpina
Speckled Spinetail, Cranioleuca gutturata
Orange-fronted Plushcrown, Metopothrix araauntiacus
Chestnut-winged Hookbill ,Ancistrops strigilatus
Striped Foliage Gleaner, Hyloctistes subulatus
Cinnamon-rumped Foliage Gleaner, Philydor pyrrhodes
Rufous-rumped Foliage Gleaner, Philydor erythocercus
Chestnut-winged Foliage Gleaner, Philydor erythropterus
Rufous-tailed Foliage Gleaner, Philydor ruficaudataus
Buff-throated Foliage Gleaner, Automolus ochrolaemus
Brown-rumped Foliage Gleaner, Automolus melanopezus
Olive-backed Foliage Gleaner, Automolus infuscatus
Chestnut-crowned Foliage Gleaner, Automolus rufipileatus
Plain Xenops, Xenops minutus
Short-billed Leaftosser, Sclerurus rufigularis
Black-tailed Leaftosser, Sclerurus caudacutus

Antbirds: Formicariidae 63 species

Fasciated Antshrike, Cymbilaimus lineatus
Undulated Antshrike, Frederickena unduligera
Great Antshrike, Taraba major
Barred Antshrike, Thamnophilus doliatus
Castelnau's Antshrike, Thamnophilus cryptoleucus
White-shouldered Antshrike, Thamnophilus aethiops
Black-capped Antshrike, Thamnophilus scistaceus
Mouse-colored Antshrike, Thamnophilus murinus
Amazonian Antshrike, Thamnophilus amazonicus
Spot-winged Antshrike, Pygiptilas tellaris
Pearly Antshrike, Megastictus margaritatus
Black Bushbird, Neoctantes niger
Dusky-throated Antshrike, Thamnomanes ardesiacus
Cinereous Antshrike, Thamnomanes caesius
Pygmy Antwren Myrmotherula brachyura
Short-billed Antwren Myrmotherula obscura
Streaked Antwren, Myrmotherula surinamensis
Plain-throated Antwren, Myrmotherula hauxwelli
Stipple-throated Antwren ,Myrmotherula haematonota
Ornate Antwren, Myrmotherula ornata
Dugand's Antwren , Myrmotherula dugandi
White-flanked Antwren, Myrmotherula axillaris
Long-winged Antwren, Myrmotherula longipennis
Gray Antwren, Myrmotherula menetriesii
Leaden Antwren, Myrmotherula assimilis
Dot-winged Antwren Microhopias quixensis
Banded Antbird,. Dichrozona cincta
Chestnut-shouldered Antwren, Terenura humeralis
Gray Antbird, Cercomacra cracinerascens
Blackish Antbird, Cercomacra nigrescens
Black Antbird, Cercomacra craserva
White-browed Antbird, Myrmoborus leucophrys
Ash-breasted Antbird, Myrmoborus lugubris
Black-faced Antbird, Myrmoborus myotherinus
Warbling Antbird, Hypocnemis cantator
Yellow-browed Antbird, Hypocnemis hypoxantha
Black-chinned Antbird, Hypocnemoides melanopogon
Black-and-white Antbird, Myrmochanes hemileucus
Slate-colored Antbird, Percnostola schisatacea
Spot-winged Antbird, Percnostola leucostigma
Jenson’sBlack-headed Antbird, Percnostola rififrons jensoni
Silvered Antbird, Sclateria naevia
Plumbeous Antbird ,Myrmeciza hyperythra
White-shouldered Antbird, Myrmeciza melanoceps
Sooty Antbird, Myrmeciza fortis
Black-throated Antbird, Myrmeciza atrothorax
White-plumed Antbird ,Pithys albifrons
White-cheeked Antbird,Gymnopithys leucaspis
Lunulated Antbird, Gymnopithys lunulata
Hairy-crested Antbird, Rhegmatorhina melanosticta
Black-spotted Bare-eye, Phlegopsis nigromaculata
Reddish-winged Bare-eye, Phlegopsis erythroptera
Spot-backed Antbird, Hylophylax naevia
Dot-backed Antbird, Hylophylax punctulata
Scale-backed Antbird, Hylophylax poecilonota
Striated Antthrush, Chamaeza zanobilis
Rufous-capped Antthrush, Formicarius colma
Black-faced Antthrush, Formicarius analis
Wing-banded Antbird, Myrmornis torquata
Ochre-striped Antpitta, Grallaria dignissma
Spotted Antpitta, Hylopezus macularis
Thrush-like Antpitta, Myrmothera campanisona
Ash-throated Gnateater, Conopophaga peruviana
Chestnut-belted Gnateater, Conophaga aurita

"Well-run multipurpose agency, with several offices in Peru with an extensive roster of trips, from family and honeymoon to luxury trips..."
Frommers Guides 2024
"Highly recommended, professional and well-organized, 'perfect tour', knowledgeable guides"
Footprint Handbook 2024
"Transportation services and accommodations are top-notch, and the guides are flexible and extremely helpful"
Fodor's Guides 2024
"Amazing Peru has more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Tours to Machu Picchu can be customized to include airfare, all meals, accommodations and travel insurance, and last from six to 14 days. Amazon cruises, horseback riding, river rafting, hiking and biking throughout Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca..."
"Move Over, Machu Picchu - How disabled travelers can tour Machu Picchu."
Christoper Reynolds
"Looking for an adventure of lifetime to kick-start married life? Consider these honeymoons with a difference… "
Perfect Wedding Magazine
"Experience" Amazing Peru is the leading company in Latin America that combines exclusivity, luxury and authenticity for Peruvian holidays. It will tailor a 15- days tour for you that takes in Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lima, Cuzco, Colca Canyon and the Amazon rainforest."
The Travel and Leisure Magazine UK
"A reputable firm with an impressive variety of unique excursions… "
At Home and Away with Alan Whicker CBE Magazine
Spend Christmas on a guided tour of breathtaking Machu Picchu and visit famous Lake Titicaca. Amazing Peru offers luxury Christmas vacations in Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail...
Trails Outdoor Travel Guide
"Amazing Peru takes families on both luxury and affordable tours throughout Peru. Children 12 and older are welcome to come along on the 12-day Peru Family Adventure Tour. Raft, backpack, kayak and bike through some of Peru's most unforgettable sights including Machu Picchu. The Family Tour to Peru is tailored for children younger than 12 years of age with an educational component. Relax on Peru's northern beaches, explore the high-altitude Lake Titicaca, trek through the Amazon, and visit Machu Picchu on this 16-day journey. Check out Amazing Peru's 12-day Family Tour."
Global Post USA
"You can fly over Machu Picchu - or take a helicopter ride
Who needs hiking when you can fly? The company Amazing Peruoffers hour-long flight tours right over the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The plane fits a minimum of eight passengers, and it can also be chartered. Passengers fly over Tipon and Pikillaqta, both archaeological sites, Pisaq and the Urubamba Valley, Sacsayhuaman, and, of course, Machu Picchu itself. Flights can be longer or shorter as requested. "

"You can Om your way through Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is known as one of the most spiritual lands in the world, so why not go all out and Om your way through its ruins? Amazing Peru offers a seven-day yoga tour where visitors travel from Lima to Cuzco and finally to Machu Picchu, where they stay in the famed sanctuary Lodge hotel right outside of the ruins. They participate in multiple meditation and yoga sessions throughout the trip, but the highlight is a private session smack-dab in the middle of the ruins. Now that is an Om experience worth waiting for."
Yahoo Lifestyle
A Private, customized tour to Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Trinidad & Tobago. "Any traveler with a well-developed sense of adventure will be rewarded with an incredible experience on this journey to a birding paradise designed and operated by Amazing Peru."
"Savoring a taste of Uruguay's acclaimed wine region - An outstanding experience"

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Wellness & Health Travel and Tours

Wellness & Health Travel and Tours

A round Peru and Latin America tours specifically created for those who need to recharge their physical and mental energies. A nurturing and enlivening...

Private Jet Charters in Peru and Latin America (View here)

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Delivering unforgettable experiences. For us "anything is possible"
Amazing Peru were far superior to their competitors in the early stages of organising the trip - quicker responses, less unwarranted hassle, clearer & more accurate options, and better prices.… Read More

11th November 2019
Amazing Peru exceeds industry standards which gives me peace of mind during my travels.… Read More

Theresa W.
9th November 2019
Our Worldwide Travel Exhibitions: BERLIN, NEW YORK, LONDON...
The Amazing Peru team attends travel events all around the world. Our agenda for the first quarter of 2024 is already set so why not meet up with us personally... More Archive »
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Amazing Peru on USA TV
The Great Amazing Peru Inca Trail adventure as filmed and reported by Tara Hitchcock for Arizona TV. Click here to watch the video! High speed connection recommended.

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Peru Private Jet Travel

Private jet & helicopter charters throughout Peru and Latin America.



Helping children in one of Peru's poorest village schools supporting hands-on initiatives such as implementation of classrooms to ensuring the robust education, health, and well-being of young children



As part of our philanthropic projects we support the older community to promote sporting and social events in the lesser known regions of Peru.

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