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Lima - Cuzco - Machu Picchu - Quito -Galapagos Islands
16 days / 15 nights.
2024 Luxury Machu Picchu & 8 day Galapagos Cruise
Lima - Cuzco - Machu Picchu - Quito -Galapagos Islands
Day 1. LIMA - no meals today

As you arrive into Lima airport and exit customs and baggage, you will be warmly welcomed by our guide Monica. You will be assisted with your luggage before escorted to your hotel in a private vehicle. Your hotel in Lima will be the 5 star deluxe Miraflores Park Hotel complete with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. At check-in you will receive a welcome drink before being shown to your room. Free evening.

Day 2. LIMA (All meals)

After a delicious breakfast at the observatory restaurant with spectacular views of both Lima and the Pacific Ocean, you will be met again by your guide Monica as you start your private visit of colonial and modern Lima, starting in the centre of this vibrant, metropolis. The tour will include a visit of the cathedral, dating from 1654 which still houses the remains of the conquistador Pizarro in the foyer; the Main Square, with the original bronze fountain built in 1650, the Government Palace where the President has his official residence and the San Francisco Convent, with its famous catacombs. Lima, known as the city of the kings, was founded in 1535 by Pizarro and after several devastating earthquakes was rebuilt in 1991; the same year that UNESCO declared Lima a world heritage site. One of the very few South American cities that preserve the colonial past, Lima was home to the Spanish viceroy during the time of the Spanish colonial power. The tour will continue with a visit to the residential areas of San Isidro and Miraflores, before stopping at La Rosa Nautica for a delicious lunch. This seafood restaurant is popular with affluent Limenos as well as international visitors but may be substituted for any other restaurant of your choice. After lunch, you shall enjoy a private visit to the Larco Herrera Museum, one of the finest private museums in Peru. With a fabulous collection of artefacts of the northern cultures particularly of the Mochica culture. The museum was founded in 1926 in Trujillo but was transferred in the 1950's to Lima. There is a room of mummies, textiles (including a Paracas cloak over 2000 years old), and several gold and silver vaults. Return to your hotel. Complimentary massage for two at the Zest Spa. Tonight, you will enjoy dinner at Astrid and Gaston, the flagship restaurant of one of the best chefs in Latin America. Alternatively, we can arrange dinner at the spectacular Huaca Pucllana restaurant located adjacent to a pre-Inca pyramid.

Day 3. LIMA - CUZCO (All meals)

After breakfast, with boarding passes in hand, you will be driven to the airport for your quick-check-in and brief one hour flight to Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital of the Incas. In Cuzco, you will be warmly welcomed and assisted with your luggage before your short private drive to the exclusive deluxe five star Monasterio Hotel or its sister hotel the Palacio Nazarenas located just around the corner in an idyllic plaza at the top of Cuzco centre. Welcome drink and check-in to your room which will be oxygenated to help you relax and sleep more comfortably in the high altitude setting of Cuzco (11,600ft above sea level). Some time to relax before a recommended light lunch in the hotel restaurant. In the early afternoon, you will be met by our leading tour guide of Cuzco, Jaime Vasquez who with over 20 years of experience will guide you on an incredible tour of Cuzco including the Qoricancha temple or temple of the Sun, the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman overlooking Cuzco city, Qenko, Tambomachay and Puka Pukara. Your private driver will be with you at all times as you visit each part of this fascinating and ancient city. Return to the hotel in the evening. For dinner, we have suggested the marvelous Gourmet MapCafe restaurant a short walk from your hotel.


After breakfast at your hotel, Jaime your guide will again meet with you for the start of a full-days excursion to the beautiful Urubamba, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, situated between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. It is an exceptionally fertile valley that was and remains the larder of Cuzco. You will visit the village of Pisac, founded during colonial times, and set at the foot of a hill crowned by the remains of an ancient Inca city. On Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will witness Indians bartering their products in the main square and artisans from around the area sell their woven alpaca wool blankets and ponchos, engraved gourds, antique reproductions, jewellery, etc. Lunch will be at the splendid Huayoccari Hacienda, overlooking the Sacred Valley and which dates back to the seventeenth century. The hacienda is owned by one of the most prominent landowners in the Sacred Valley and is home to beautiful gardens producing native ingredients that are used in the restaurants kitchen. These include corn, quinoa, fruit and aromatic herbs. Enjoy a set meal in this marvellous country residence before continuing your trip to Ollantaytambo, the only Inca town that was not defeated by the Spanish with an opportunity to explore the ruins which tower above. You will then return to Cuzco after this full day with wonderful memories of the heart of the Inca land. Arrival to your hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 5. CUZCO - MACHU PICCHU (All meals)

Today you will have an early start and enjoy breakfast before your private chauffeur will take you to Poroy Railway Station in time for the boarding of the Luxury Hiram Bingham train to Aguas Calientes. The train will depart at 09.00am for the 3 hour journey and you will enjoy the company of fellow travellers and guides onboard this luxury train complete with 1920s styled Pullman carriages. Each carriage has been furnished in polished wood and brass with large comfortable armchairs. The bar car is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail accompanied by live Peruvian music. On the way to Machu Picchu, the bartender will show you how to make a traditional Pisco Sour. The observation car is furnished with large cushioned seats, making it the perfect place to sit, relax and watch the Peruvian landscape unfold as you gently ride towards Machu Picchu. A hearty brunch will be served on-board before you arrive to Aguas Calientes train station, gateway to the lost city of the Incas. As you disembark, you will be assisted with your luggage and welcomed to take the short walk to the bus terminal where a private bus will be waiting for all Hiram Bingham passengers. The short ride up to Machu Picchu will meander through breathtaking mountain scenery up to the ancient Inca citadel. At the very entrance to Machu Picchu, your hotel, the Sanctuary Lodge hotel is located. Welcome and check in to your room. Shortly after, your guide Jaime will again lead you on a private guided tour of Machu Picchu, the most spectacular ancient city in the world. Built by the Inca Pachacutec, and comprising stone blocks fitted with masterful precision, Machu Picchu harmoniously blends into the mountain landscape. There are many theories as to the origins behind Machu Picchu but three of the most popular ideas include a temple to the sun, a fortress against the jungle inhabitants or a sanctuary for the Incas. This fabulous city has houses, temples, warehouses, a large central square, all connected by narrow roads and steps, and is surrounded by terraces cut into the mountain side which were used for agriculture. Dinner and accommodation at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.

Day 6. MACHU PICCHU - CUZCO (All meals)

Today you will enjoy a free day in Machu Picchu with an opportunity to see the site at sunrise. Time for some private reflection before returning for breakfast. Today no guide is provided as we feel that Machu Picchu requires a certain amount of self discovery to be fully understood. Take any of the several paths around various parts of the site, trek up to Wayna Picchu or walk down to the Incas bridge. Let Machu Picchu unfold all its mysteries for you, take in the breathtaking cloud forests and jagged mountains, or marvel at the extraordinary Masonic precision of the ancient Incas. Either way, your day of self discovery will be a day never to be forgotten. Return to your hotel for lunch. Afternoon tea will be served before taking the private Hiram Bingham bus down to Aguas Calientes in time for the return Luxury Hiram Bingham train to Cuzco. You will enjoy dinner and cocktails onboard before arriving back to Cuzco. Welcome and private drive back to your hotel, the exclusive deluxe five star Monasterio Hotel or its sister hotel the Palacio Nazarenas.

Day 7. CUZCO - LIMA - QUITO (Breakfast, in-flight lunch & dinner)

After early breakfast, we bid farewell to Cuzco and take a short drive in a private car to the airport in time for your return flight to Lima and your connecting international flight to Quito. In-flight lunch. As you arrive into Quito airport and exit customs and baggage, you will be warmly welcomed by our representative. You will be assisted with your luggage before escorted to your hotel in a private vehicle. Your hotel in Quito will be the 5 star deluxe Plaza Grande. Dinner and accommodation at this spectacular Grande Dame Hotel.

Day 8. QUITO (All meals)

After a delicious breakfast, you will be met by your guide as you start your full days private tour of colonial Quito, declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1978. A visit to the Old Town, including the Plaza de la Independencia. The President still conducts business here, so access to the inside may be limited. It is the home of the tomb of Sucre and also houses interesting 17th and 18th century paintings. A visit to the Parque Alameda that houses the oldest astronomical observatory in South America, as well as an impressive monument of Simon Bolivar. The Plaza de San Francisco was constructed by the Spanish in 1553, and the church has a high altar made of gold and beautifully carved ceilings. You shall also visit La Compaia, the finest of all Jesuit churches. Damaged through the years by fires and earthquakes, it has since been restored and has a richly sculptured facade and interior. A stop for lunch in the old city. In the afternoon we head over to the Museo Guayasamin and the Capilla del Hombre for a look at some contemporary Ecuadorian art, the Templo Del Hombre, and the famous collected Incan artefacts and jewellery designs by the artist. Return to your hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 9. QUITO - GALAPAGOS ISLANDS (Breakfast & dinner) Itinerary subject to change

After breakfast, with boarding passes in hand, you will be driven to the airport for your quick-check-in and flight to San Cristobal on the Galapagos Islands. Arrival, reception and welcome. Your Galapagos fee will be collected here. You will collect your luggage before you take your transfer to the port and boarding of your yacht for an unforgettable wildlife adventure. In the afternoon visit Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz. Behind the beach lie two small flamingo ponds with iguanas, coastal birds, Darwin finches, mockingbirds, and gulls, as well as interesting native and endemic vegetation and red and black mangroves. This beach is one of the main nesting sites of sea turtles in the Galapagos. You will also find the remains of sunken barges, once property of the United States Navy when they operated an airbase on Baltra Island during World War II.

Day 10. SOUTH PLAZA & SANTA FE (All meals)

Arrive on South Plaza Island for a dry landing and a walk through cactus forest, looking for both marine and land iguanas and the endemic hybrid, only to be found here. Continue to Santa Fe Island for a wet landing on a white sand beach surrounded by a sea lion colony. Find the larger land iguana as well as a number of endemic species including Galapagos hawk, Galapagos snake, rice rats, a variety of finches and one of the four species of Galapagos mockingbirds. Later, enjoy some snorkelling where you may be joined by some of the wildlife.

Day 11. PUNTA PITT & CERRO BRUJO (All meals)

Land at Pitt Point to walk across an ovaline beach before a hike over rocky terrain to a volcanic tuff, taking in magnificent viewpoints on the way. This is probably the only site where the three booby species of the Galapagos can be seen together: nazca, blue-footed, and red-footed; as well as two species of frigatebirds and a sea lion colony. In the afternoon visit Cerro Brujo, or Witch Hill, an eroding tuff cone and a beautiful white sand beach, great for snorkelling and sunbathing. Visit a lagoon where migratory bird species can be seen: black-necked stilts, ruddy turnstones, whimbrels, other sandpiper species and white-cheeked pintails. Cerro Brujo offers beautiful views of Kicker Rock, the southern part of San Cristóbal and the adjacent coast.


Visit the San Cristóbal giant tortoise Breeding Centre to learn about the National Parks conservation programs. You will also have the opportunity to visit the port village, have a drink or shop for arts and crafts and other souvenirs. From there go to Tijeretas Hill which involves a high intensity walk amidst beautiful landscapes and a magnificent view at the foot of a frigatebird nesting colony. Dry landing in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Passengers visit the San Cristóbal giant tortoise Breeding Center to learn about the National Parks conservation programs. Passengers will also have the opportunity to visit the port village, have a drink or shop for arts and crafts and other souvenirs. From there go to Tijeretas Hill which involves a high intensity walk amidst beautiful landscapes and a magnificent view at the foot of a frigatebird nesting colony.

Day 13. GARDNER BAY & OSBORN ISLET (All meals)

Land on Gardner Bays white coral sand beach, surrounded by a colony of sea lions. You may spot Galapagos hawks, American oystercatchers, Galapagos ground doves, hood mockingbirds, yellow warblers, lava lizards, marine iguanas, and three species of Darwins finches. You can swim and snorkel amongst a great variety of fish, manta rays, and white-tipped reef sharks. Continue to Osborn Islet for its volcanic formation and large sea lion colonies and seabirds. You will also see marine iguanas, lava lizards and Sally lightfoot crabs. Hike up towards nesting grounds of nazca and blue-footed boobies before the impressive site of the worlds largest colony of waved albatross. Visit Soplador, a seaward blowhole that shoots water over 20m into the air.

Day 14. FLOREANA (All meals)

Today, visit two sites on Floreana Island, Post Office Bay and Cormorant Point. Floreana is known for its fabulous snorkelling sites, its vibrantly pink flamingos and its black sand beaches. You will land on a beach and head to a spot where 18th century whalers placed a wooden barrel for use as an unofficial mail box which continues today, so dont forget your postcards! In the afternoon, head to Cormorant Point for a hike to the salt water lagoon which is home to flamingos. You will also get to swim in Champion, one of the best snorkelling sites in the Galapagos Islands.

Day 15. SANTA CRUZ (All meals)

Reach the highlands of Santa Cruz and visit a private farm where giant tortoises are found in their natural habitat. Walk inside lava tube and visit pit craters before venturing into endemic scalesia forest looking out for vermilion flycatchers. In the afternoon, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and the giant tortoise natural reserve and conservation project. Return to Puerto Ayora for some free time to explore and shop for souvenirs.

Day 16. DAPHNE & DISEMBARK (Breakfast only)

Circumnavigate the islet of Daphne, an eroded tuff cone formation that was created by successive volcanic activity, for an opportunity to see Darwins finches, blue-footed boobies, nazca boobies, red-billed tropicbirds, swallow-tailed gulls and brown noddies. Afterwards, you will go straight to the airport for your return flight to Guayaquil or Quito. before arriving to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno for the transfer to the airport and return flight to Quito in time to connect for your international flight home.

End of our services.

Tour Price based on indicated luxury hotels, Hiram Bingham train, all meals and private
tours (group tours in the Galapagos): US$15,694.00 per person
2024 Luxury Machu Picchu & 8 day Galapagos Cruise - Itinerary Overview:
Day 1. Lima - No Meals Today
Day 2. Lima (All Meals)
Day 3. Lima - Cuzco (All Meals)
Day 4. Sacred Valley-Pisac-Ollantaytambo (All Meals)
Day 5. Cuzco - Machu Picchu (All Meals)
Day 6. Machu Picchu - Cuzco (All Meals)
Day 7. Cuzco - Lima - Quito (Breakfast, In-Flight Lunch & Dinner)
Day 8. Quito (All Meals)
Day 9. Quito - Galapagos Islands (Breakfast & Dinner)
Day 10.South Plaza & Santa Fe (All Meals)
Day 11.Punta Pitt & Cerro Brujo (All Meals)
Day 12.Tortoise Breeding Centre & Tijeretas Hill (All Meals)
Day 13.Gardner Bay & Osborn Islet (All Meals)
Day 14.Floreana (All Meals)
Day 15.Santa Cruz (All Meals)
Day 16.Daphne & Disembark (Breakfast Only)
End of our services.
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Our Price Includes:
  • Accommodation at indicated hotels in superior/deluxe rooms, junior suite on the cruise
  • All meals as indicated with mainly a la carte meals with some set menus
  • Alcoholic beverages only included in the Sanctuary Lodge hotel and onboard the Hiram Bingham train
  • All airport/train station transfers based on private service
  • Tours as per itinerary with English speaking specialist guides in private service
  • All internal flight tickets in economy class including the international Lima - Ecuador flight
  • Train tickets include the Hiram Bingham train
  • All entrance fees excluding the Galapagos Fees payable directly in cash only
  • Gratuities for guides and drivers
Our price does not include:
  • International flight to Peru
  • Personal expenses such as telephone bills, laundry expenses, beverages, etc
  • Insurance against theft, loss, illness and/or accident etc
  • Airport Baggage porterage and other extras not specified
01 BAG, no more of 5kg/11lb or 62 inches/157cm (length, width and height)
Hand luggage permitted
1 bag 05kg/11lb 62 inches/157cm (length, width and height) bag

Luggage that does not fulfill these criteria will not be allowed onboard.

The Amazing Peru Advantage
Our Price Includes:
  • Enjoy complimentary upgrades to a suite if your standard room is not available.
  • Enjoy a complimentary massage for two at your hotel in Lima on day 2.
  • VIP check-in to your hotel in Cuzco complete with handmade chocolates and fruit
    basket in your room .
  • Over 30 years' experience in the tourism industry in South America.
  • Emergency line and operational offices 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Top English speaking guides with the best transportation.
  • Highly Recommended by Frommers, Fodors, Footprints, New York Times, USA Today, Perfect Wedding Magazine, LA Times, The Travel & Leisure Magazine UK.
2024 Luxury Machu Picchu & 8 day Galapagos Cruise - 16 days / 15 nights.

2024 Luxury Machu Picchu & 8 day Galapagos Cruise

Lima - Cuzco - Machu Picchu - Quito -Galapagos Islands
16 days / 15 nights.

For current availability contact us at and we will send you the relevant trip dossier along with a 90 day fixed quote, terms and conditions. Please bear in mind that significant price reductions are available for groups. All our Luxury Tours are fully private and depart daily. Contact us for more information regarding the above tour, or to begin customizing your own itinerary.

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Helping children in one of Peru's poorest village schools supporting hands-on initiatives such as implementation of classrooms to ensuring the robust education, health, and well-being of young children



As part of our philanthropic projects we support the older community to promote sporting and social events in the lesser known regions of Peru.

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