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Antarctica Factsheet

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Antarctica also called the Antarctic or Antarctic Continent, is the continent on which is the South Pole. The most common definition includes as Antarctic territories south of latitude 60 ° S, coinciding with the area under the Antarctic Treaty. Taking more physical geography, the limit would be in the Antarctic Convergence, including for example the South Georgia and South Sandwich (near the American continent). It has a nearly circular 4500 km in diameter on a narrow peninsula that protrudes in the form of "S", directed toward the southern tip of South America.

It is the highest continent on Earth, with an average altitude of 2000 m. It houses about 80% of the world's fresh water. It is also the continent with the lowest average humidity of the Earth and the lowest average temperature.

Climate of Antarctica is the most stable climate of the planet. Never stop making cold hatred which generates both love how the tourists. Some hate the cold, so that means traveling to the Antarctic. But overall, the tourists love this land and climate for business: fishing, hunting of penguins (illegal) growers of ice, snow harvesters. or also likes the Antarctic for pleasure, how the world-renowned lovers of cold, or extreme sports, how the spread of ice skating penguins (illegal) or swimming under ice.

Antarctica, the Earth's last continent to be discovered and the most rigorous and exotic, receives from the 1950 tourism, although tourism has been developing regular since the mid-1960s when the state-owned shipping company launched cruise ELMA Antarctic tourism to Argentina and at present are quite common as cruise ships that preantártica last stop in Ushuaia, the Falklands and Punta Arenas (all parts of the extreme Southern Cone), these cruises are almost always, to the present, cabotage, visiting the coast by sea and bases on the Antarctic Peninsula and the multitude of islands annexed (eg South West Indies).
To drink Guarana Antarctica is the guarana flavored soda popular in the country.

What to eat The food in hotels and restaurants reflects the range of influences in society Antarctica. The "Suck Crab" Cream Fish, Thread greaves..



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