Trujillo – The City of Eternal Spring

The city of Trujillo is located in the north western part of Peru and is normally referred to as the City of Eternal Spring. Founded in 1534 by the Spanish conquistador Diego de Almagro, Trujillo was the first important city to proclaim its independence from the Spanish colony in 1820. However, before anything else the region was home to the great civilizations of the Moche, the Chimus and the Incas, which means that the region today is a treasure chamber of amazing archaeological monuments.


Nevertheless, the city is not only famous for its archaeological legacy but also for the celebrations of the National Contest of Marinera, a local typical dance and the competition of the world famous Peruvian Paso Horse, of which Trujillo is said to be one of the world’s best breeders.

The city offers plenty of interesting museums and mansions with intriguing and interesting stories to tell. However, while in Trujillo it is also highly recommended to take advantage of the city’s ideal location and explore the many historical and archaeological sites surrounding Trujillo. In that regard you must not deprive yourself of the chance to experience the nearby citadel of Chan Chan, declared a Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Built in 850 AD the city was once the capital of the ancient Chimu Kingdom before it was conquered by the Incas in 1470.  Nor must you forget the extraordinary Temple of the Moon, Huaca de la Luna, which was constructed by the Moche culture. Archaeologists believe that the site was used to bury high ranking religious Moche leaders because they found many burials and high quality ceramics, while excavating the site. The temple is highly decorated with many colorful murals both on the inside and outside, making it a significantly and beautiful sight.

El Brujo Archaeological Complex is another fascinating must-see which is located 60 km from Trujillo. It is made up of 3 constructions: Huaca Prieta, Huaca Cao and Huaca Cortada, built by the Moche culture and believed to have been occupied since the pre-ceramic period more than 5.000 years ago. The Huaca Cao Viejo construction is famous for its mural paintings and the discovery of the mummy Señora de Cao (Lady of Cao), the first known female emperor in Peru. The mummy is so well-preserved that you can clearly see the tattoos that decorate her body, making this a well worth site to visit.

On the other hand if you are in the mood for something else than a tour of Trujillo’s incredible surrounding cultural and archeological sites, the city’s ideal location once again speaks to its advantage. Head just 15 minutes out of town to the Huanchaco beach resort where you can enjoy a little seaside recreation while savoring the exquisite seafood of the region. The beaches of Huanchaco are famous for the caballitos de totora (little horses) made of totora reeds which have been used for sailing on the ocean since the time of the Moche and Chimu cultures.

A visit to the City of Eternal pring and its archeological monuments offers many great exploration opportunities as well as the chance to learn about the interesting architecture and culture of the pre-Incan civilizations. Contact us at for a great offer or tailor your own trip fitting your specific personal needs and preferences. We also offer several Machu Picchu Travel combinations and pick your favorite preferred way to experience the breathtaking ancient citadel of Machu Picchu.


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