The 5 Must See Sights in Peru

The archeological and cultural richness of Peru is unmatched by any other country in the world. Through the centuries the many amazing civilizations and empires, that have inhabited the regions of Peru, have left behind great archeological sites in the shape of cities and monuments. It is these interesting and amazing sites that together form the significant architectural legacy which is the result of todays extended knowledge of the amazing cultural history of Peru. However since the selection of monuments and sites is quite wide in Peru, we suggest the following 5 attractions as must see sights in Peru during your visit to this magnificent country.


Machu Picchu

Of course the amazing mountain citadel of Machu Picchu is to find on this list. Climb the great old mountain by a similar route as the one the Incas once used, in order to reach the entrance of this amazing monument of divinity. Upon arrival the rather large ancient ruin offers a great deal of exploratory options, including the adrenaline-filled climb of Wayna Picchu, which serves as a beautiful viewpoint. Standing on the top of this mountain looking down, will make you feel one with the wild force of nature, and the city’s sense of spirituality will transport you back in time and make you forget your surroundings. This simply explains why Machu Picchu is the most visited ancient city and why one of the World’s 7 wonders deserves a place on the must-see list.

MAPI must see

 Nazca Lines

This destination serves as a true treasure chamber for hidden historical and cultural expressions, one of which being the inexplicable Nazca lines, which predates Machu Picchu by about 2000 years. The mysterious lines make up the world’s largest and most important geoglyph field with 70 enormous distinct geometric shapes and animal figures, representing condors, birds, spiders and monkeys, amongst others. Furthermore, the incredible shapes and figures also provide a great mystery and their significance and origin still remain unknown. Nevertheless, the most popular explanation is that they served as a huge astronomical calendar for the then-living civilization. Decide which explanation you side with and jump on one of the circling planes to explore the many finely drawn geometrical shapes and sizes from above.


Colca Canyon

Cutting through the Peruvian Andean mountains for more than 100 km is the world’s second deepest canyon, the Colca Canyon with 3.400 meters at its deepest point.  Located in the South of Peru near the beautiful city of Arequipa, the entire Colca Valley provides picturesque scenery that is a must-see for any tourist. Moreover, it is reportedly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States and unlike the American gorge, parts of Colca Valley are inhabited by ancient temples and constructions providing an amazing view. However, the biggest contribution to the amazing sights of Colca Valley comes from the unique agricultural terraces which for centuries have been, and still are, used for crop cultivation and human alimentation within the canyon. A visit to this fascinating valley is guaranteed to leave you amazed and astounded.

colca canyon must see


Lake Titicaca

Presiding between Bolivia and Peru at a swindling altitude of 3800 meters above sea, Lake Titicaca is an unforgettable experience for any tourist. It is the largest lake in all of Latin America and it is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The lake was once a sacred place for the ancient Inca culture, as their mythology believes that Manco Capac, the first king of the Incas, was born of the lake. Furthermore, their mythology believes that the world was created from Lake Titicaca, when the god named Viracocha rose from the waters and created the sun, moon and stars along with the first people of the earth. Nevertheless, way before the Incas presided in Peru the lake was home to numerous small societies that lived on floating islands made of totora reeds. Nowadays the ancestors of these said ancient societies still prevail on these reed islands in the waters of Titicaca. Boating through the lake and visiting these ancient cultures will teach you about the lake peoples’ cultural customs, way of life and beliefs.

Lake titikaka must see

The Amazon

Last but not least your tour around Peru should include a trip to the incredible Amazon Forest. You can choose between several different rainforest regions in Peru including Iquitos where the powerful waters of the Amazon River run by; the bio diverse Manu jungle in the district of Madre Dios near Cusco or the wild jungle forests of the Lambayeque region, just to name a few. Together all these forests and jungles cover an area of 69 million hectares, making up 50 percent of all Peruvian lands. Furthermore the areas serve as a home to about 10 percent of the world’s total flora and fauna, including many endemic species. Thereby it is evident that the abundant natural areas of Peru serve as a paradise for bird, animal and nature lovers. Whether you are boating through the wild Amazon River or hiking through the untamed jungle floor, you will never forget this amazing adventure, as most of the Amazon still remains unknown in many ways.

amazon must see

With the above-listed must see sights in Peru, there is no other thing left to do but to book your Peru Vacation now, and experience the incredible beauty of these fascinating places with your own eyes. Contact us at for a great offer or tailor your own trip fitting your specific personal needs and preferences.   Amazing Peru can also arrange Machu Picchu Tours, Birding Tours, and Wildlife Tours. Please contact us for further details.

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