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Amazing Bolivia

Bolivian wildlife

Landlocked Bolivia is the highest and most indigenous country of Latin America. With stunning landscapes
and remarkable ancient civilisations, Bolivia is without doubt one of the most exciting destinations in South America.
In the south of the country, the Uyuni salt lakes are the largest salts lakes in the world, whilst the capital city of La Paz,
at 4000m, is the highest capital in the world. Only a short distance to the northwest of the city, Lake Titicaca, the highest
navigable lake in the world, borders with Peru and is close to the most important archaeological site in the country, Tiwanaku.
This civilisation emerged around 1500 BC, was more advanced than the Incas and now new evidence surrounding this mystical
place is being unearthed regularly. Bolivia also has an extensive Amazonian region, home to many indigenous species such as
caiman, river dolphins, jaguars, anacondas, tapirs and giant otters. With its unique geography and incredible variety of natural
attractions, Bolivia has so much to offer the traveller.

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